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Worldwide Cretinism

If the great enemies of civilization would be counted, after nazism and communism,, cretinism should follow, although judging by its spreading, it probably should be on the first place.

The same way many people are daily involved in all sorts of -isms, daily we are exposed to billions of people who have adhered to the world's bigegst secret organization, the most powerful cult, the most devastating religion, the thing over all other things: Cretinism.

This is the most fertile ground, this is the strongest seed, it's paradox in its most pure state. And I also believe that we should rectify the list of the aggregation states of the matter, from where it shouldn't miss : solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma and cretin.
Organically speaking, the best ground and natural compost for it to grow and harmoniously develop , aside from faenza and tiles,is indulgence. Otherwise said, diseases like PC, politeness and empathy.

"leave him alone, he's human as well" is a weapon with more blades than we can imagine. "leave him alone, he won't do it again, I spoke to him and all will be ok" deserve a bullet to the head to punish the stupid thought.

"do you understand me?" if you often use this question or if it doesn't bother you, I recomemnd you don't take this column personally. I believe this is one of the very few questions that can accompany another question. Allow me to explain, do you understand me? Otherwise, if you have the vocation of longwinded explanations that no one can understand a thing, the need to constantly interrupt the other , without any connection to his speech, the detailed descriptions full of irrelevant details in context, the paranoid respect for rules that can be adapted, are all clear signs of the approaching cretinism's epicentre.

Its imminent presence has symptoms similar in diversity with the animals' alert before an earthquake. If you receive a phonecall and the voice says "hello it's me", believe it for it is true. If, far away from home, someone tells you they forgot something on the wardrobe, pay attention, as you are in the presence of a dangerous person.

maybe you believe that these nuances and details are neglectable and that they can't change anything important, and this is how the fatal error is born. If you fix up to meet with someone and that person says "I'll see you at 5:30 if it happens", it would be better for you to not go.

If you do meet up, this person will tell you " Fine, ok, do you understand me, bye , and that maybe, perhaps, you'll definitely see each other again.

I believe that in the Pentagon's labs they study seriously the cretins's communication systems, as it is supposed to be fundamentally similar with the compatibility system generated by the aggregation states.Smart people amongst themselves never understand each other so well, never organize so smoothly and efficient as cretins amongst themselves. what harmony, what communication, what effervescence, what destructive creativity, what a huge enclave that swallows the minoritary majority!

It is wrongly said that the world is ran by conspirations. The cretins are winning by a landslide against all judeos-franc masons of the world becaus ethey have a huge advantage. A dicine protection doubled by a demographic pressure is fating them to an explosive success, with no right to appeal. Therefore, I want to tell you that, effectively, I believe that I sure think that pure and simple the 21st century will be cretin or you don't want to know how it will be. As such, I cannot possibly tell you how it will be.

Although the fight is being lost every second in Ob Gyns, on the telly, in schools, in business centres and othe rpublic incubators, I happen to believe that the world can become habitable again in smalla reas, with the constant help of each and everyone of us. Let us use the courage to set things straight before they go TOO wrong. Let us find the strength to not say mechanically "oh, how nice, what a lovely lisping and charming lady" unattentively glossing over the whole lot of idiocies this verbal armada is spewing. The fight is to be carried between humour and statistics.

And the dark side of the statistic could be the evidence that, sometimes, out of three people, two are cretins. But this is not all, for this is where its dark fame comes from. The allmighty cretinism makes it that out of three people, all be cretins.

Good health, if it is!

Translated from Romanian by yours truly. Original can be found here
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