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back home and sort of rested after a (partially) successful business trip to Israel... which was tremendously enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated.

Which will be told later...

Today I had a fun filled day of an unexpected sort, and a coupla bad moments... but it was spent mostly in one long discussion about food, metal, history and deep linguistics (any discussionin which I am forced to comprehend more than 2 languages is good shit :), this one had 4, yay!!!! ),not to mention playing silly ICQ games and sucking at it. The bastard beat me at each and every one of them!

I am normally a rather stern person- fuck you, I live in a world of dumb people- and my sense of humour oscillates between very sick and very sarcastic, so me having silly fun is a rare event, to be treated and cerebrated as such.

And all this stuff made me happy and smile all day like a moron... and this is therefore a salute to my favourite inhabitant of Jerusalem :)

I have got to go back to Israel tho'.
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