soopermouse (soopermouse) wrote,


I was depressed, and sad and felt like shit. Tiredness and chemo do that to me, I am always depressed in the night.

I was talkign to a friend from far away, who decided to prove to me that I do have a family that cares for me.

I guess this should be called "Family"
yes it's weird, it doesn't drink much english ale. only 4 bottles.
it features agressive guitar playing, trance sounds,
and it lives in nahariya. sometimes it even lives in jerusalem.
smetimes it draws inspiration from iron maiden.
sometimes it plays ICQ warsheep with you.
it may even ask for catfood and listen to overkill with you.

but little by little, a different sort of family.
which takes on more meaning than ever in such moments.
so you know.. love and be loved, and everything, will fall into place. as it should.
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