soopermouse (soopermouse) wrote,


i had a pizza and an hour of sleep, I am fully recharged and wound up as a spring.

Going to London for visa.

within 2 days, if luck permits, I will be descending down to Israel like your worst nightmare :)

At this moment in time, I would like to express my gratitude to:

1. Some people's fathers and their amazing powers of paying large phonebills to England (tho I wouldn't wanna be there when the bill arrives, that will be hefty;) )

2. The utter shittiness of Israeli mobile providers and how that utter shittiness serves my own interests... when annoying enough it can get even stones to talk ;)

3. My favourite inhabitants of Jerusalem :)... and their utter awkward loveliness. If I learned anything from "it" it's how greatful I am to the people who put up with me- and tell them that I am getting my due punishment in dealing with someone who's worse than I am.

4. The fact that even at age 31 and a half, most middle aged female clerks adopt me instantly.

Let's just say- this shall be an interesting weekend.
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