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This is a survey thingie i have made for myself, for purposes of self evaluation. When I am tired, my brain works better.
The point of this is to adjust it to your own needs and personality... and to be honest.

1. Worse traits
low self esteem
lack of trust
lack of patience

2. Best traits

In human relationships

1. What do you bring to the table?
I make people think

2. What do you need from the table?

3. What traits do you need to develop?
Self awareness
Tougher skin

4. Why?

Because some people are worth to be trusted
because I still see myself as a lonely child no one could ever love or need
because i tend to judge people by their words more than by their actions

5. How do you act?

Extrovert introvert.

6. Are people attracted to you?
Some are.

7. Why?
because I am warm, affectionate, smart and intense

8. Do people hate you?
Some, I seem to ellicit either love or hate, but not indifference

9. Why?
I am snobbish, arrogant and shrewd.

10. Does it bother you?
Not really

In love

1. How do you feel about commitment?
I seem to have become somewhat commitmentphobic lately. Maybe I got hurt one time too many and I am afraid to be hurt again, maybe I am awaiting some answers.

2. What is your worse trait in a relationship?
Lack of trust. I have low self esteem and i have problems believing people care for me. Therefore I am always on the lookout for signs that they don't, and i tend to make mountains out of molehills.
I also can get very angry, but I am working on it.

3. What is your best trait in a relationship?
I give it all I have. I'm loyal, and loving. For some reason I never get it all back, and I end up being hurt

4. It's better to have loved and lost...

5. Standards?
High, and worth it.

6. Sex?
I enjoy sex, but I am off casual sex. makes it rarer but better. Need emotional involvement. I know what I like, I demand it and I give it all I have.

7. Does that work?

8. Can you live without it?

9. Can you live without affection?

10. Can you live without love?
Yes. badly though

11. Does love always need sex to be complete?
No. In some cases it would wreck it.

12. What do you fear most?

13. How do you handle it?
It hurts me for a long time. I might not show it, but the wound stays.

14. Do you take rejection personally?
Very much so.

15. have you been rejected recently?

16. Did it hurt?
It almost killed me. I cried for days, and putting a decent face to it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

17. Are you over it?
Not sure.

18. Do you hate the person who rejected you?

19. Are you in a relationship?
Sort of. Needs some defining.

20. Is it a happy one?
It could be

21, Are you faithful?

22. Is it hard?

23. Is there someone you talk to everyday?
Some 3 people

24. Why?
because i like them, they make me happy and I care for them

25. Are you shy in love?
Very much so. If I run away from someone or i have problems expressing myself, that is a good sign

26. What kind of person is your SO/crush?
Pure introvert

27. What are his/her best traits?
Smart, honest, gentle, sensitive, caring, possessive

28. Worst traits?
far away :(. Doesn't express himself very well, but that is not a bad trait.

29. Are you possessive?
A lot

30. Jealous?
I try not to be too jealous.

31. Are your feelings longlasting?

32. Do you hold grudges?
I tend to, if I have good reasons

33. Are you affectionate?
ONLY with people who deserve it.

34. What do you wish most for someone you love?
I want them to be happy

35. ...with you?
not necessarily. I want them to be happy even at the cost of my own happiness.
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