soopermouse (soopermouse) wrote,

things I've learned in 2007

it just started , but it shows to be a good year in the making. I've already learned some goo stuff, and that is always cool.

so, onto the list:

1. Real friends love you regardless of what stupid things you do
2. Younger guys might be cute, but dating someone your own age beats the hell out of it
3. When in doubt, talk about it
4. There is nothing wrong with being sappy, if it's not too public, and even if it is
5. Business untaken care of in time will bite your ass financially
6. Cleaning up is worth the bother
7. Skype doesn't work in the evenings
8. There is nothing wrong with working less
9. Exercising at night is a bad idea
10. Gay guys are as cranky as a woman on the rag, ALL THE TIME
11. Sometimes you can have a better relationship with an ex after you broke up than before
12. Make sure you never run out of needles, you will need them
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