soopermouse (soopermouse) wrote,

wtf ?

I notied recently that there seems to be a stream of guests to my flat, especially on weekends. This is weirdness to the nth degree as I am a very unsociable person.

earlier tonight, Mirek and his new gf ( not friends but mainly members of my social circle) dropped by with the declared purpose to drag me out to a party.
Turns out to my amazement that being that I have returned to singledom, my social circle finds it unacceptable and are planning to get me hitched.


Due to the nature of my various interests, I live at the neat intersection of some weird social circles.

1. The biker gang I hang out with. Whilst I haven't owned a bike in 4 years ( RIP my beloved Indian, rest in pieces), my propensity for big bikes is known and appreciated, which means that I do get to ride a couple of lust objects every once in a while. My affiliation to the Bones notwithhstanding, I am considering buying a bike in 2007.

2. Metal people. These are people with whom my involvement in the music business brings me in contact. This includes local musicians and promoters, plus general metal fauna. Good for partying.

3. The Uni people, under the bearded patronage of Sir Alec. I guess to a point I am somewhat of a quarter of a research assistant since each time they lack computation power or just a fresh mind to look at things, it all ends up on my spare PC. That, and I live close to the Uni and make good coffee ;)

4. Own social circle, formed by my ex husband and his family ( who after Darren coming out of the closet adopted me as somekind of a prodigal daughter), various day to day acquaintances and such.

5. Feminist and leftie activist people. From my volunteering and campaigning activities. Since the shelter closed down last month, I find myself with free time and no place to donate it.

Most of these people will drop at my place at any hour of day and night. I welcome them with coffee, a place to crash and sometimes good convo.

I have no fucking idea what they do here because I don't like people per se, and most human companionship irks me.
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